The Platform for Programmable Money and Beyond

Electra Protocol is an operating system for instant transactions on its own proof-of-stake blockchain which is robust, decentralized, and secure. Anyone will be able to create payment solutions using smart contracts and own public tokens ontop of it using the Solidity programming language. Perfect also for supply chain tracking, NFTs, gaming, and more…

Mainnet: LIVE

Blockchain: Electra Protocol
Launch: January 1, 2021
Native Currency: XEP
Team of experts

Duties of the Foundation

The Electra Foundation is a not-for-profit organization supporting the development, adoption, and promotion of the Electra Protocol blockchain. The foundation has a number of responsibilities in regards to Electra Protocol:

  • safe-keeping and management of the premine
  • involvement in identification and due diligence processes
  • supporting efforts to list XEP on exchanges
  • signing agreements with partnering entities
  • funding community initiatives
  • supporting blockchain developments such as smart contracts platform
  • supporting the creation of tokens/smart contracts which don’t need programming skills
  • supporting the issuance of debit cards, micro loans, insurance, and other products
  • educating the public about blockchain adoption
  • publication of websites and services

The Electra Foundation is based in Tallinn, the capitcal city of Estonia (Europe) and it is operated by volunteering members and advisors. The foundation is the owner and caretaker of the XEP premines which were created in order to carry out its work.

The creation of the Electra Foundation was especially driven by the belief that crypto projects have to be fully compliant to upcoming regulation in order to be long-term successful. That’s why the Electra Protocol blockchain is not driven by any means of funding via ICO (initial coin offering), initial exchange offering (IEO), or venture capital (VC).

Shaping the Future FUTURE

Our economies are getting increasingly global, goods and people move around the world faster than ever before. But especially payments and programmable contracts remain slow and expensive. It’s time to change that.

Electra Protocol - proof-of-stake blockchain - fast transactions

Electra Protocol is the evolution of crypto: a fully decentralized, open source, and crowdsourced ecosystem for instant transactions which did not conduct any public funding, like Bitcoin. (technical specs as of December 2021)

  • Send payments within 1 to 2 seconds worldwide.
  • Pay the equivalent of ~ US $0.0000002 per transaction.
  • Receive rewards for staking or providing liquidity.
  • Create smart contracts and publicly tradeable tokens soon.
  • Send and receive payments in any supported currency soon.

We’re electrafying the world.

Coinomics FACTS

Electra Protocol was not financed by conducting an ICO (initial coin offering) or other forms of funding round – which is in contrast to most other crypto projects giving large stakes to individual founders. That’s why all XEP coins were available for investment by the public, next to the operating premines kept back by the Electra Foundation.

Type of Blockchain

100% Distributed Proof-of-Stake

Circulating XEP Supply

~ 17,400,000,000 XEP coins

Currency Symbol

XEP (wrapped as token: WXEP)

Transaction Speed/Cost

1-2 seconds/~0.0002 XEP avg.

MainNet Launch

January 1, 2021

Staking Rewards

3% APY (via XEP Desktop Wallet)

Not a Holder Yet?

It’s easy to become a holder of XEP coins: Simply purchase them on one of the supported exchanges. Or buy WXEP as a token using PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain.

Technical Developments ROADMAP


Electra Protocol Mainnet blockchain and XEP Block Explorer launched


XEP classic wallets released for Windows, Apple, Linux and Raspberry Pi


Enhanced XEP Block Explorer released


Rosetta API integration released


XEP pro wallets released for Windows, Apple, Linux


XEP Smart Contract Wallet planned


Public Smart Contract platform planned


All-in-one XEP Wallet for holding XEP coins and Smart Contract tokens planned


Validator nodes planned

Steering the Foundation TEAM

The work of the Electra Foundation is carried out voluntarily by an international and diverse team of experts.

Sebastian Dahm
Board Member
Aziz Canatan
Board Member


Robert Bakker
Business Developer
Aykut Baybas
Strategic Advisor
Antoine Aimé
Blockchain Engineer
Michael Wutzke
Solutions Architect

Partners and Memberships Cooperation

Binance Research
Electran - Electronic Transactions Association - ETA
Bittrex Global

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    Frequently asked FAQS

    Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions by users. If you cannot find a satisfying answer, please get in contact with community members through social media or send your questions through the contact form below.

    The Electra Foundation is a not-for-profit organzation with the aim of supporting technical developments, the adoption and promotion of the Electra Protocol blockchain. The foundation is driven by volunteering members and advisors, and is headquartered in Tallinn, the capitcal city of Estonia (Europe). read more

    The goals of the foundation are to drive the technical developments, adoption and promotion of Electra Protocol. Also, the Electra Foundation is the owner of the XEP premines in order to carry out this work. The Electra Foundation was founded in 2021 and is the legal body for sponsoring the Electra Protocol blockchain. The creation of Electra Foundation was especially driven by believe, that crypto projects have to be fully compliant to upcoming regulation in order to be long-term successful. That's why the Electra Protocol blockchain was also not financed through any means of funding through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

    You can download a highres version of the logo here: Electra Foundation logo (PNG format)

    Help to spread the words: Tell your friends and others about Electra Protocol and its solutions, become active for Electra Protocol also in your local area. Electra Protocol and the Electra Foundation are community-driven, and people who are exceptionally commited by supporting one or both projects are regularly appointed as core members or advisors.

    Electra Protocol is a proof-of-stake, distributed blockchain capable of providing instant transactions for a variety of use cases. Among the most important solutions will be multicurrency payments in realtime, which can be performed over the enterprise-scale blockchain of Electra Protocol. Next to payments, the blockchain will also be capable of running other solutions such like NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and more. To fascilitate these developments, public smart contracts will be made available so that anyone is able to issue own tokens on the Electra Protocol blockchain.

    Electra Protocol is one of the fastest blockchains worldwide: it features instant transactions worldwide within 1 to 2 seconds. Up to 1600 transactions per second can be processed, planned to be further extended. Very cheap costs below US $0.01 cents per transaction.

    Electra Protocol was designed from ground to meet upcoming regulation by authorities worldwide. For example, in order to comply with the Howy Test of the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ), Electra Protocol did not conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Also other upcoming challenges to regulation are taken into account by future solutions, such as preparing for optional KYC identification (know your customer). Electra Protocol did also not give complementary investment stakes to individuals, which the vast majority of other crypto projects did.

    XEP is the currency symbol of the native coin belonging to the Electra Protocol blockchain. XEP is used as main currency used for transactions. XEP coins can be bought at a number of selected exchanges. The meaning of the XEP currency symbol is: X=ISO code for international, E=Electra, P=Protocol.

    WXEP is the currency symbol of wrapped XEP tokens (not coins!) running on the Binance Smart Chain. Those wrapped XEP tokens (WXEP) are offered in order to attract investors who would otherwise not know Electra Protocol. If you buy WXEP tokens on Pancakeswap you can exchange them 1:1 to XEP coins using the exchange.

    There are multiple ways how users can earn rewards using the Electra Protocol blockchain, XEP coins, and WXEP tokens. Using any native XEP Desktop Wallet, you can earn up to 3% staking income APY. By providing liquidity on Pancakeswap, you can earn up to 25% APY when providing liquidity to the XEP/BUSD trading paid. In the first half of 2022, XEP Validator Nodes can be run allowing to create XEP income by locking XEP funds there.

    Smart contracts bring functionalities to blockchains. Using smart contracts anyone can program solutions ontop of Electra Protocol, as well as release own tokens.

    According to the technical roadmap, the smart contracts of Electra Protocol will be released in steps by autumn 2022. This will include anyone be able to program and release public smart contract tokens.

    Smart contracts are powerful, because they enable to create programmable money functionality, such as to release own currencies ontop of Electra Protocol. In combination with realtime transactions and near zero gas fees smart contracts of Electra Protocol have the potential to become an innovation driver for finance and fields such as NFTs, gaming, supply chain tracking, and beyond.

    Further reading DETAILS

    To learn more about the Electra Protcol blockchain, visit its official website:

    You can view transactions on the blockchain using the XEP Explorer.

    Electra Protocol matters. Stay updated!

    Electra Foundation